Phase 2 – All the Garments so far

This might be too ambitious but there’s no harm in a little optimism. My overall aims for this phase of the project are as follows:

  • to become more confident in creating illustrations and ‘flat’ specifications for my designs;
  • to become proficient in flat-pattern design;
  • to extend my technical skills in sewing;
  • and to become confident in handling a wide range of fabrics

It is my intention to follow a routine as I work my way through creating these garments, though it may take me a while to get into my stride.

To start with I will generate visual ideas and save these on Pinterest or in a hardcopy notebook. Then, I will create illustrations, flat drawings and specification sheets.

From the drawings, I will create paper patterns and then make a muslin of the garment for fitting and adjustments. I will then choose a fabric and notions for the final garment.

When the garment is finished, I will draft the final paper pattern for storage and create card blocks if the garment is to be used as a base for other, similar garments. Finally, I will document the process on this site, including key learning points and mistakes.

Garment 1: Princess-seam, fitted shirt

Garment 2: Side-dart, fitted shirt

Garment 3: Minky fleece jacket

Garment 4: Loose-fit shirt in silk chiffon

Garment 5: Frumpy dress to cool tunic

Garment 6: Grey tunic transformation

Garment 7: Knit dress to sweater transformation