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I am rather stretching the definition of a week but the main aim of the “A Garment a Week for a Year” project is to sustain momentum. I expect to be a bit slower at the start as I am still on the steep part of the learning curve. There will be some weeks when I’ll be faster as I’ll just be making a Tshirt or refashioning a thrift-bought item.

Here is the illustration and fabric for my next shirt. I have lengthened the pattern from Garment One as well as some other adjustments. I am pretty determined to nail a pattern that will allow me to run up a well-fitting shirt whenever I want to. It seems a bit of a dream at the moment!

I have also completed technical flats by hand, though this shirt will have more scalloped hems. I hope to create these flats in Inkscape in the relatively near future, so I will be able to make corrections quickly. These still give the general idea.

Next stage is another muslin as I have manipulated the dart and made other changes.