The order of work is a little back-to-front for this first garment but hopefully I will get into a routine quite quickly.

Here is an illustration of the shirt I hope to make this week. This is coloured pencil on cartridge, which is not the best medium but means I can use one of my croquis templates under the paper. Another aim of this project is to develop a better illustration style. Next to it is the cotton fabric I plan to use.

I drew up my own Specification Sheet to use for each garment. This might be a bit over-the-top and is typical of my perfectionist mindset. If the spec. sheets are a useful reference for me I will stick with them. My technical drawings are done by hand but I will switch to computer-generated images at some point. Although time-consuming, these ‘flats’ are essential aids to pattern design. It is also useful to keep track of time and costs.